Why FeastBox?

Why buy a food kit when you can just do it yourself?
It's super convenient

Imagine having everything you need to cook a delicious feast delivered straight to your door. With FeastBox you don’t need to do all that planning about what will work for each course, or that huge shopping list, or driving to 3 or 4 different places to get what you need. You also won’t have to stand in line at the supermarket, or take part in the grocery bag Olympics. All you need is your dinner party FeastBox delivered to your door with all the recipes to create a fantastic meal for your family and friends.

It's full of quality ingredients

Where possible we try to source everything we can direct from the farm and small producers, we’re also focused on providing organic, spray free, free range produce whenever we can.

Local and seasonal

We know those words have become almost cliché now but when we say local we mean Waikato. We try to source 80% of the products in our boxes from the bountiful Waikato region. When we’re talking seasonal, we mean that you aren’t going to find fresh tomatoes in our boxes in winter, or asparagus, or strawberries.

Sustainable packaging

Packaging can be super frustrating. All those little individual plastic bags, all that waste! We are trying to use as much sustainable packaging in our boxes as possible, compostable bags, containers and reusable glass jars.

Learn some new skills

FeastBox lets you expand your culinary skill set. We want you to cook things that you may  not have tried before, we hope that you’ll learn new ways to combine flavours that will last way beyond the FeastBox. We’d love to help you become a more confident cook and really enjoy it… that’s what it’s all about, fun. We’ll tell you the level of difficulty and time it takes when you select your menu, so you’ll always be prepared.

Create magical memories

We like to think that we’re helping to create some long-lasting memories out there. Memories of great time spent with families and friends , enjoying good food and lots of laughs. Share your experiences with us on Instagram @FeastBox or Facebook @FeastBoxNZ.

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