At FeastBox we want your special meal to be as enjoyable as possible. Christmas can be a crazy time so we’ve put our heads together and come up with a few tips to make sure you enjoy the food and the moments together with your nearest and dearest without any last minute food emergencies!

At least month before

1. Buy what you can in advance

Don’t leave Xmas drinks shopping to the last minute, Order or buy-in all the drinks you will need over Christmas; bubbles, wine, beer and non-alcoholic drinks and juices.
Budget tip: If you can get what you need a little at a time or when on special whilst doing your weekly food shop it will spread the cost too!

2. Buy a FeastBox so your menu and food shop is sorted!


BIG Christmas FeastBox main, dessert and free-farmed ham

Avoid the supermarket mayhem and time wasted thinking about what to cook, or writing endless lists only to return to the shops a number of times for specific ingredients!

Budget tip: Not only can you split the cost with your Christmas tribe or spread the payments you’ll avoid over shopping!





3. Check your tabletop and serve ware 

Have a check through any special table linens, crockery, glasses and silverware to make sure you have everything you will need.
Budget tips: If you need extras get friends or family on the case now. No need to purchase extra items if your Christmas tribe have what’s needed. Or it may be just the excuse you’ve been looking for!

4. Get your creative juices flowing 


Simple, homemade Xmas flower pose

Make or order flowers or table decorations.

Budget tip: a beautiful table can be created easily using simple flower posies. We used a single flower, some greenery, and a cinnamon stick tied together and a table runner cut from paint drop cloth.




A couple of weeks before

5. Make space for all the food and drinks

Clean out the fridge and freezer and make space for all the extra food and drinks for the holidays.

6. Get your tools ready

Sharpen kitchen knives. Sharp knives make cooking and serving so much faster and easier.

7. Check your cooking equipment

Check the gas on the BBQ, especially if this is the first times it’s been out for a while.

Christmas Eve

The big day is upon us, if you’ve done everything above you should be feeling pretty relaxed, there are a couple of things however that will take any remaining pressure off Christmas Day.

9. Prepare the tabletop and serve ware


Get all the cooking and serving dishes ready. Sort the glasses, silverware, and napkins for the meal.








8. Set your beautiful table

It’s a great way to make sure you have everything. If you need the table before the big meal put everything you’ll be using together to the side.

10. Chill the drinks

Put bubbles, white wines and beers to chill.

11. Remove any frozen foods from the freezer.

12. Get to bed at a reasonable time

Easier said than done maybe but it always helps to start Christmas Day refreshed and well rested. Especially if you have little ones likely to be up at the crack of dawn.

Christmas Day:

The day has finally arrived and traditionally for the cook it is a busy one. But you’ve bought a FeastBox, right? So no need to spend heaps of time in the kitchen alone, the prep and cooking are minimal and we’ve designed the recipe sheets so that you can get everyone involved!


Have fun with it, get family or friends to lend a helping hand

Sit back relax and enjoy, you won’t be arriving at the table all hot and frazzled this Christmas!

Sumptuous Christmas sharing platter to start



Order your Christmas FEAST quick before they sell out!